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Who We Are

We’re savvy shoppers, just like you! We want our products to do what they say they’ll do. We want them to last for a reasonable amount of time, not break within a week. We want to purchase from companies that give back to their community, and show that they care about our planet. And most importantly, we want to get the best bang for our buck!

Why We Do It

Back in 2014, we started Best Honest Reviews because we simply couldn’t find a reliable source of reviews for online products. Amazon is typically full of fake reviews, and most other shopping sites simply promote their own products. We figured that honesty is what’s been missing online. To us, this is more than just a review site -- it’s a place of knowledge and sharing.

How We Stay Honest

In order to provide you with ad-free reviews, we do collect a small commission from sales of the products we review. However, we NEVER take these commissions into account when reviewing products. By keeping the site honest and transparent, we hope to continue to earn your trust and keep giving you honest reviews for years and years to come!